Progressive and Competitive

 2018 SPRING Class Enrollment is OPEN ! Look under "Classes" for your level of class.

Everyone needs to take Indoor 1: First-time class before joining any of the other classes!

When you've graduated to at least 13.5m (Indoor 3A), want to become a competitive archer, and can meet the attendance requirements, register for the PROGRESSIVE classes and PRIVATE LESSONS:

2018 SPRING PROGRESSIVE at 13.5m and 18m

2018 PRIVATE LESSONS (recommended at least once a month for Indoor 4 and above):
$45/hr/archer: USA Archery Level 3 Coach Racae (recurves only) and Coach Dan (compounds and recurves) ($80/hr for 2, $115/hr for 3)
$30/hr/archer: USA Archery Level 1 Instructors Tyler or Francisca (recurves only)


(Archers at 18m, please contact Coach Racae.)


In order to improve in archery, archers need to practice progressively more as they advance. All archers can advance indoors through the Bronze, Silver, and Gold JOAD Olympian levels awarded by USA Archery.

RECREATIONAL PROGRAM: There are NO attendance requirements for Recreational archers. All Indoor 2 archers are considered recreational. At any point in the semester, archers at or above Indoor 3 can change to the PROGRESSIVE PROGRAM by signing up for it, and committing to the required hours of practice in the range.

PROGRESSIVE PROGRAM: FALL 2015 was the first semester of this new program, which is for archers in Indoor 3 and above. It sets time/attendance requirements in the range to help fast-track archers into the Competitive Archery Program (CAP) (see below).

Progressive archers: 
  • Continuously meet the time/attendance requirements to remain in the Progressive Program (see registration form). Those who fall short of the weekly time/attendance requirements will automatically be considered Recreational, and Recreational class fees will apply.
  • Participate in tournaments in Indoor 4 - just for experience and fun!
  • Earn special PROGRESSIVE tags showing each week that they meet the time requirements. The tags will be issued on Sundays for the preceding week.
  • Will be eligible for recommendation to USA Archery Level 4 NTS* and JDT* Coach Alex Meyer's Competitive Archery Program (CAP).


The COMPETITIVE ARCHERY PROGRAM is only for those archers who really want to become competitive tournament archers.

Competitive archers love archery, really enjoy competing, have a strong desire to succeed, a lot of self discipline, put their practice and tournament schedule very high on their list of priorities. As a junior, they'll also have great parental support, so vital to their success.

The CAP Program is for those who want to be competitive archers and shoot in both indoor and outdoor tournaments, who have shot at least 250 pts. at 18m, have a MQS (minimum qualifying score) of 240 pts. at 18m, know and can shoot the NTS Method, compete in the Draft CAP Tournament annually in Sept./Oct., and have at least 10 hrs/wk to dedicate to archery.

CAP members will be selected by Coach Alex based on score, NTS form knowledge and ability, mental and physical strength.
For the minimum requirements to join CAP, please contact USA Archery Level 4 NTS and JDT Coach Alex Meyer at


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