Come join us on this amazing journey, and see what you can do!

2018 SPRING Classes start on Jan. 3. Register now!
Always check the calendar for last-minute changes due to sudden weather conditions or illness.
Tues, Jan. 16, CLASSES CANCELED due to freezing temperatures and ice/snow. (Practice in front of the mirror instead.) Stay safe and warm!

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2018 SPRING Class Enrollment is OPEN ! 
JAN 3 - MAY 30, 2018

Click the links below!

Everyone needs to take Indoor 1: First-time class before joining any of the other classes! 

 2018 SPRING INDOOR 1: First-time Class for Juniors and Parents

2018 SPRING INDOOR 1: First-time Class for Adults

2018 INDOOR 1 Documents (to be signed and submitted before Indoor 1: First-time Class):

2018 Membership Information
2018 Release of Liability and Waiver Agreement
2018 Safety Rules
2018 Photo/Video Release

 After you've taken Indoor 1 and qualified, register for one of these RECREATIONAL classes:

2018 SPRING INDOOR 2/3A RECREATIONAL at 9m / 13.5m Juniors + Parents

2018 SPRING INDOOR 2/3A RECREATIONAL MONTHLY at 9m / 13.5 Juniors + Parents



2018 INDOOR 2 Documents (to be signed after Indoor 1 and before joining next classes):

2018 Medical Release

        2018 Supervision Policy

After you graduate to 18m (Indoor 3B and above), register for these classes:


2018 SPRING INDOOR at 18m RECREATIONAL - Juniors + Parents



When you decide at 13.5m or 18m that you want to be a competitive archer, register for these classes:

2018 SPRING PROGRESSIVE at 13.5m and 18m

Adults: See under "Classes/Adults" in the menu.

If you would like to receive Off-Campus PE Credit for your time at archery, register for these classes:


(Archers at 18m, please contact Coach Racae.)


Everyone starts out in our RECREATIONAL program in the INDOOR 1: FIRST-TIME CLASS.
If you have at least one year's experience in target archery with a recurve or compound bow, you may be able to join a higher level class for recurves or obtain private compound bow instruction after a personal placement evaluation (fee: $45/hr, min. of 1 hr), so please contact us.

Compound archers: Private lessons only with Coach Dan.
Recurve archers: Group Classes on Sat., Sun., and Tues., Wed. evenings. Private lessons upon request.

In INDOOR 1: FIRST-TIME CLASS we will prepare you to join the regular Junior Olympic (JOAD) classes or Adult Training Program. We'll teach you a bit about equipment, go over the safety rules, help you with range set-up, basic archery form, how to load, aim, and score, so you can shoot (and hit something) on your first day! You'll receive your first Personal Best, and most will receive a "Qualifier" Certificate, which graduates you into Indoor 2. 

As your form, strength, mental and physical skills improve, you will move through to progressively more challenging class levels and shoot at longer distances.

Once you have qualified in INDOOR 1: FIRST-TIME CLASS, you'll progress to ADULT TRAINING or JOAD INDOOR 2: BEGINNERS at 9m, and then on to INDOOR 3: INTERMEDIATES at 13.5m and 18m. During these initial classes, you'll work on learning and doing the National Training System (NTS), which is the form that is coached at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. You'll be awarded Learned and Mastered Tags for each position, and earn USA Archery Star Pins, after you have joined USA Archery.

When you're in INDOOR 3A at 13.5m and above, you can decide if you want to progress faster by signing up for the PROGRESSIVE PROGRAM. You can join any time. There are weekly minimum attendance requirements for this program, but lower per class fees. 

When you arrive in INDOOR 4: ADVANCED at 18m, you'll be guided on whether to continue shooting recreationally in the INDOOR 4+ RECREATIONAL classes, or begin training for indoor and outdoor competitions. You'll probably compete in your first tournaments - just for the experience.

If you decide that your goal is to become a top competitive archer, you'll strive to be accepted in October each year into USA Archery Level 4 NTS and JDT Coach Alex Meyer's Competitive Archery Program (CAP), and experience all the challenges and adventures that it presents. You'll shoot outdoors at longer distances (20m-70m) depending on your age category, and compete in state, regional, and national tournaments at UT Austin, Texas A&M, and other locations around the USA! You could even be invited out to the Olympic Training Center! Competitive archers are trained with the long-term goal of their earning a place on the United States Archery Team (USAT) in the Cadet (15-16), Junior (17-20), or Senior (Adults) divisions.

When you reach and maintain a monthly average score equal to USA Archery's JOAD or Adult Bronze Olympian award level (280 pts. at 18m on a JOAD (60cm) or FITA (40cm) target face), you'll shoot free at Archery Training Center!  


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