What we offer.

We offer two programs, Recreational and Competitive, within which are several class levels for both juniors and adults.

How it works.

Everyone starts out in our Recreational program in the Indoor 1 Class. This is your first-time class where you will learn a bit about archery equipment, the safety rules, and basic archery form, so you can shoot on your first day. As your skill and form improve, you will move through to progressively more challenging class levels and shoot at longer distances.

Once you have qualified in Indoor 1, you'll progress to Indoor 2, and then on to Indoor 3.

When you arrive in Indoor 4, you will be guided on whether to continue shooting recreationally in the Indoor 4, or begin training for indoor and outdoor competitions.

If you decide that your goal is become a top competitive archer, you'll strive to be accepted into our Olympic Path Training Program (OPT), and all the challenges and adventures that it presents.

Our staff.

In all our classes, we coach the National Training System (NTS), as promoted by USA Archery and US National Head Coach KiSik Lee. All our coaches and instructors are certified by USA Archery, CPR certified, Safe Sport Certified and have completed Federal and State background checks, and have passed through our instructor training program.

Why archery?

Archery is a great sport, teaching you many important life skills, such as patience, perseverance, mental strength, determination, fortitude through focus and passion. We stress steady, solid progress, with our main focus on form, so that when you are standing on the podium, you enjoy it, knowing you've worked hard and accomplished a lot to get there!


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